About Us


As Ulus Engineering Environmental Consultancy Education Occupational Health and Safety Co., Ltd., we have been providing environmental consultancy services since 2013.ULUS TMGD was opened in January 2018 and was established to serve as a Dangerous Goods Safety Consultancy Agency.We are based in Istanbul and we are serving in EDIRNE, TEKIRDAG, KOCAELI, KIRKLARELI, and ISTANBUL.We will add value to your business with our experienced staff, who have received TMGD certificate with high success and have competent and sufficient knowledge about ADR, RID and IMDG.We aim to contribute to your vision with the most economical, fast and effective solutions in every field you need in the packaging and storage of dangerous goods logistics.


To standardize the quality and to serve it consistently, to produce dangerous goods safety consultancy services only on legal basis and in a way that will have a positive effect on efficiency and contribute to the development of companies.

As ULUS TMGD (hazardous goods safety consultancy), our mission is to increase our service quality to international service standards, to continue our service without compromising quality service, and to be a constantly developing company. To increase the number of people in the information age who can constantly follow innovation and change, to set an example in this regard, to aim to guide and to support the steps taken to achieve this.


To contribute to the development of our country's point of view in the field of dangerous goods safety consultancy and to play a role in reaching international standards, to be a company preferred as a domestic customer not only by customers but also by the leading people of the sector.

Our vision is to be a company that has a say in the sector, provides services in accordance with international standards, is human and tolerance oriented, principled, meticulous and reliable.

     With this understanding, as the ULUS TMGD (hazardous goods safety consultancy) family, we are aware of the fact that it is a very important step towards reducing the accidents that occur during the transportation of dangerous goods in our country.